Hire a Cambrian Realtor that can really make a difference


With so many active real estate agents in San Jose, how do you know which one will provide the best service and net you the maximum offer for your Cambrian home?  Generally, it is recommended that you interview at least 3 active agents in your particular area and carefully check their references.  If you are willing to do a little extra effort to net a higher value for your home, I suggest working with a realtor that is experienced in creating added home value (more on that shortly).

When interviewing a realtor, you first want to learn about their specific knowledge of your neighborhood and community.  Do they really understand the home values within your neighborhood?  Are they familiar with the schools (including API scores) and nearby amenities?   What is their track record for selling homes in your area?  What would their pricing strategy be for listing your home (starting at the highest price is not necessarily the best strategy for netting you the best offer).  What resources can they offer (repair services, gardening, staging, etc)?  Have they done a thorough CMA for your home (competitive market analysis).  Does their personality mesh well with yours?  These are just a few of the major items.  Additionally, you will want to determine what is important to you and what areas you will require the most help.

I have another possibility for you to consider.  If you have been reading my previous posts, you know that I am both a licensed real estate broker and a developer.  If you are really looking to maximize the sale of your home, have the initiative and some additional capital to invest, you may want to consider rehabbing your house to give it that new smell and feel. Reviewing my previous blogs will give you some ideas on small and large projects that can make a big difference in boosting your resale.  A broker with experience in remodeling and repairing of homes can be a huge advantage if fixing-up your house prior to the sale is a strategy that makes sense for you.  My clients who want to fix and sell their properties get access to my contractors, investing resources and eye for what changes will net the biggest increases to their resale price.  If this is an option you’d like to consider, make sure you are working with somebody that has the experience and track record for adding value.  It can make a BIG difference in your final pay day.

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