Welcome to Bridge Equity Group, based in Northern California, our mission is to help people achieve financial security and freedom using real estate as one of the vehicles to accomplishing those goals. Whether you are a current property owner looking to sell, an accredited investor seeking higher risk-adjusted returns, a real estate professional or a private/institutional lender, we offer opportunities to work with us that will excite and inspire you!

Bridge Equity Group operates a multi-faceted real estate business, directly investing in multi-family and single-family assets. We focus on “off-market” acquisitions from motivated sellers that have under-performing or distressed properties in growth markets. Meticulous analysis is done on every property, to ensure that we can apply value-add or development strategies that will generate strong cash flow and/or appreciation. Our investment criteria take into consideration many factors, including economic growth patterns, demographic trends and shifts in housing demand. Although every situation is different, we always use consistent and conservative under-writing to ensure that we are making profitable, low risk decisions. And finally, to maximize our level of success, we are constantly cultivating stronger partnerships with those individuals and professionals that can help us achieve the best results.

There are many ways to profit from real estate, and we focus on the following:

button-multiFamilyMulti-family “value-add” investing.

If done correctly, apartment ownership has many benefits over other real estate investments, including lower risk and higher upside. The investment team, with its integrity and experience, is critical to the overall success of an apartment project. At Bridge Equity Group, we partner with seasoned experts in every discipline required to find, analyze and manage apartment communities. In each market we participate, our team consists of RE brokers, attorneys, property managers, lenders, property inspectors, insurance agents and other investors. Our investment strategy is typically designed to improve a property’s performance over a 3-7 year timeframe, and then sell at maximum value. Properties cash flow from day one and small improvements can often increase equity dramatically.

Student Housing InvestmentsStudent-housing investments.

Student housing is a particularly attractive niche for generating strong cash flow. As in any real estate investment, location is critical to long-term success, particularly in areas where there is significant new development. In addition, we hire the most competent and experienced property management teams available in this field, which helps protect our client’s investments. Last, it is important to understand that the wants and desires of today’s students are quite different from 20-30 years ago. Being sensitive to student’s needs keeps our investments safe, while also increasing the bottom-line. We strive to find opportunities in this niche that maximize investor’s long-term returns, while minimizing risks.

Residential FlipRehabbing & Development

We rehab physically dated and distressed apartments and single-family homes, maximizing their value within the community. Nothing is more satisfying than the heartfelt appreciation expressed by a family that has rented or purchased one of our remodeled properties, one they can truly call home. We get the same reactions from neighbors who have often endured a physically distressed property on their street far too long. The business process we follow is designed to analyze and execute rehabs in a way that makes our investors and the company maximum profits, while providing superior apartment communities and homes to the market.

Successful ground-up development requires an intimate understanding of the physical and capital markets in which we operate.   We strive to identify cutting edge trends in the current real estate cycle, while being rigorously honest and analytical about the underlying economic environment — job growth, housing supply, wages, housing affordability and demographic shifts. This approach leads to opportunities that might be over-looked by others, providing us the ability to capture superior returns for all our stakeholders. Ground-up development will continue to play a larger role in our portfolio for years to come.