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We create exceptional opportunities for Real Estate Investors, Owners and Professionals

Our partners enjoy financial security and freedom through smart real estate choices. Let us show how you can too!


Bridge Equity Group offers many opportunities for you to prosper along with us. We count on partners to help us be successful in every facet of the business. Here are a few examples:

Commercial Brokers
We are always looking for more relationships with commercial brokers that can help us find “off-market” multi-family and student housing deals. These brokers typically specialize in emerging markets where properties have the potential to earn substantial cash flow and we can execute strategies to force appreciation (equity). If you are interested and qualified to be a partner, do not hesitate to reach out for more information and answers to your questions.
Earn high fees for providing access to property deals with strong value-add potential or land development opportunities; we can be your go-to partner that will act fast, be reliable and decisive.
Equity Partners
Diversify your investment portfolio with safe, high-yield passive income and appreciating real estate assets.
Private money and institutional lenders are invited to work with us; choose real estate secured projects that meet your risk and return goals.
Investor Introductions
We have investment opportunities in multi-family and student housing projects. Because of the size of these investments, they are typically funded thru a syndication (ie. pooling passive investor money), and therefore, require the participation of accredited or sophisticated investors. Successful introductions to people that ultimately invest with us can result in your own equity and management stake in these projects.

…What makes Mark stand out from the crowd is his sense of ethics and integrity. He took care not to take advantage of people; he made sure he did exactly as he promised to both the sellers and buyers and made sure he lived up to his end of the deals…

Steve Mun
Steve Mun Group

The Bridge Equity Group consistenly provides me with safe, high-yield returns, always secured by real estate.

Bo Hebenstreit

Thank you for making the sale of my house go so quickly and so smooth. I can’t believe escrow closed in just a matter of days. You made it happen like I wanted, before the year was out. If I sell another house, you will be the first call. Thanks again.

Anna Sanchez