Fix and Flip Residential

Residential Fix and FlipFrom the street, I feel the excitement rising as I get my first glimpse and imagine the opportunities that lie ahead. I am greeted by an overgrown yard filled with dirt and debris, broken gutters and peeling paint that represents years of neglect. I find the walkway cracked and uneven as I approach the unassuming front porch, and then fumble with an old lock and key before pushing open a weathered and worn front door. Instantly, I am greeted by the musty, perverse smell of an unkempt home not lived in for some time. I’m standing on brown and orange entry tiles that flow in to a large and dark living space containing an emerald green carpet from an era long ago. I walk around walls and through a narrow entry, and find myself in a dimly lit kitchen containing worn oak cabinets with antique handles and counters made of small white tiles and discolored grout. The stained vinyl floor sits beneath the filthy appliances that I’m betting were abandoned long ago. Next, I walk through a hallway and poke my head in to a bathroom, taking note of the same vintage style of the kitchen. At this point, I know there is an opportunity to do an unbelievable transformation.

Residential Fix and Flip2 months later, I find myself standing on gleaming, dark wood floors and looking around at a modern furnished open living space, brightly lit from the LED lights above my head. To my right is a modern kitchen with white cabinets that emphasize clean, functional lines. Quartz counters and contrasting backsplash make for a stunning look where the most discriminating owners will be proud to entertain their friends. As I walk through the rest of the home, I admire the colors and stylish lighting and other touches that make each space feel like a truly modern, new home. To take a property from ruins and create a beautiful home for a family to live in and enjoy, is one of the most satisfying aspects of my business.

Welcome to Bridge Equity Group’s residential operations, where we primarily focus on buying, improving and then reselling homes in N CA. Using strict underwriting guidelines, we buy properties at below market prices, which provide safe margins to either fix and flip or wholesale. Using cash funds, we typically help property owners who have difficult-to-sell homes and/or need to sell fast. Projects are generally 3-6 months in length and comprise mostly of moderate to major rehabs. Our goal is to create stunning home transformations that generate maximum returns.

Bridge Equity relies on a team of RE agents, brokers and wholesalers who are the best in the business. We count on and reward these professionals for finding profitable deals that allow us to dramatically improve homes, local neighborhoods and communities. As the Bridge Equity Group portfolio of projects has grown, so has our reputation as the go-to developer and rehabber in the markets we operate.

One of the keys to our success has always been the quality of workmanship that we demand from our contractors. For every remodel and expansion, our goal is to create a “wow” factor when new potential buyers first walk thru the door. As described above, open floor plans, exciting kitchens and baths, modern lighting, outdoor entertainment areas and current amenities are what we create in every project. Our attention to detail and design ensures that our homes offer the latest needs and desires of the market.

Finding the right properties at the right price is our life-blood, so we welcome and reward new partners who can help connect us with sellers. In fact, there are nearly unlimited strategies to finding discounted properties, so we encourage all partners to think “outside the box”. If you think you might have access to properties that would fit our business model, please reach out to learn more about our philosophy, criteria, mentorships and incentive programs.