In Cambrian, small fixes can mean big profits

As in most aspects of our lives, giving buyers a great first impression is critical when selling your Cambrian home.  It can mean the difference of receiving multiple offers for your house or no offers at all.  The good news is there are small repairs and items which can easily be done to add significant value.  Let’s look at a few of the more common fixes and upgrades that leave great 1st impressions.

For starters, the overall look of the home from the street can either keep the prospective buyer in their car OR excited to come in and see more.  That means your yard should be clean of debris, lawn mowed and landscaping pruned and neat.  Dark bark and some fresh flowers in the flower beds add color and an impression of a newly updated home.  Park any cars in the garage or on the street, and pick-up any clutter that gives an un-kept look.  Fixing or replacing gutters that are in poor condition, a new coat of paint and even replacing old garage doors are small expenses compared to the additional profits you will net.

Once inside the house, the same basic issues apply.  Keep all rooms in the house reasonably clean and uncluttered.  Remove items like pictures and knick knacks that have personal meaning.  The idea is for the buyer to envision himself or herself living in the home.  Again, larger items like fresh paint and new carpeting can give the house a remodeled smell and feel, while paying for itself several times over.  The more you can get someone to put themselves in the home as if it is their own, the more emotional attachment they will have.  Finding emotionally charged buyers is what will give you top dollar for your home.

One final note:  you don’t need to do the majority of this work yourself.  The cost of hiring cleaners, painters, landscapers, etc. is relatively inexpensive, and the return you will receive will be well worth the time and effort.  So think like a businessman, and make a small investment of time and capital for a large return when the last offer comes in.  Good luck!

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